Regional FKT Zone


Fastest Known Times. An idea that you don’t need a race to go fast. You just need a segment of trail and a way to prove you ran it.

The rules and most notable FKTs can be found here a quick recap is below.

  1. Announce your intentions – Following the directions here you must make an announcement BEFORE your run begins for it to count.  You may use the proboards listed above, but to count for the regional records you MUST either share that link as a comment below or share your announcement here:  In addition – To avoid any confusion, each runner must make their announcement themselves.
  2. Anyone is invited to watch, cheer, or even challenge you.
  3. Record your event.
  4. Announce your time and provide your data to prove what you accomplished. (please email these to
  5. Earn absolutely nothing.

In the Rochester region we wanted a home for people to get a quick look up of FKTs. This page is NOT a replacement of the proboards, this is a quick local resource of FKT records in our region.

Female Male
Route Name Time Name Time

Crescent Trail End to End 

18~ Miles

Trailhead at route 96 and Bason View Drive to Northside Elementary School



Erica Mead (SS)




Jeff Schuler and Ben Mears (US)


Scott Parr (SS)




Crescent Trail Two Way (W-E-W) 

36~ Miles

 Kendra Pokhis (SS)  6:51:20 

 Pete Kresock (SS)


Seneca Trail One Way 

14 ~ Miles

(Power station on LaSalle Pkw to Boughton Park)

Kristen Ryan (SS) 2:53:09  Michael Valone (US)

Michael Ryan (SS)




Seneca Trail Two Way (N-S-N) 

28~ Miles

Crescent Trail – Seneca Trail combo one way 
Seneca – Crescent – Wishbone (100k)  Ben Murphy (SS)  20:37:00
Genesee Valley Greenway
Letchworth Extension Finger Lakes Trail 

26~ Miles

 Jamie Hobbs



Lehigh Out and Back (W-E-W)

34~ Miles

Trailhead from River road to Victor-Mendon Road (and back)

 Sean Storie


Bristol Hills Loop 

27 ~ Miles

 Sarah Dean  5:59:34


 Travis Money (S)  5:59:34

As per the proboards these are the categories below


    • Means you have a dedicated support team that meets you along the way to supply whatever you need.


    • Means that you don’t carry everything you need from the start, but you don’t have dedicated, pre-arranged people helping you. This is commonly done a couple different ways: You might put out stashes of supplies for yourself prior to the trip, or you might just use what’s out there, such as stores, begging from other trail users, etc


    • Means you have no external support of any kind. Typically, this means that you must carry all your supplies right from the start, except any water that can be obtained along the way from natural sources. You may run with someone as long as you start and finish together and still be listed as unsupported.