Regional FKT Zone

Fastest Known Times. An idea that you don’t need a race to go fast. You just need a segment of trail and a way to prove you ran it.

All the information you need can be found here:

In the Rochester region we wanted a home for people to get a quick look up of FKTs.  This is a local resource of FKT records in our region and not a replacement of the official FKT site.

Once you complete and submit an FKT we would love for you to send us a message at so we can update our local resource.

Female Male
Route Name Time Name Time

Crescent Trail End to End 

18~ Miles

Trailhead at route 96 and Bason View Drive to Northside Elementary School

Erica Mead (S)

Elizabeth Matthews (US)



Jeff Schuler and Ben Mears (US) 2:11:37

Crescent Trail Two Way (W-E-W) 

36~ Miles

 Kendra Pokhis (US)  6:51:20 

 Pete Kresock (US)


Seneca Trail One Way 

14 ~ Miles

(Power station on LaSalle Pkw to Boughton Park)

Kristen Ryan (S) 2:53:09  Michael Valone (US)

Michael Ryan (S)



Seneca Trail Two Way (N-S-N) 

28~ Miles

(Power station on LaSalle Pkw to Boughton Park and back)

Crescent Trail – Seneca Trail combo one way 
Seneca – Crescent – Wishbone (100k)  Ben Murphy (US)  20:37:00
Genesee Valley Greenway
Letchworth Extension Finger Lakes Trail 

26~ Miles

Jamie Hobbs (us)


Lehigh Out and Back (W-E-W)

34~ Miles

Trailhead from River road to Victor-Mendon Road (and back)

 Sean Storie (s) 5:55:41
Bristol Hills Loop 

27 ~ Miles

Sarah Dean(s) 5:59:34  Travis Money (s) 5:59:34

As per the proboards these are the categories below with a bit more rules and definitions

Supported or Unsupported?

There are three types of support. Each route may have separate categories for these three styles, and FKT submissions should state which style was employed. While these three styles are different from each other, none is “better” than the others; do what works best for the route and you.  (Please do not feel the need to be “Unsupported”; often “Self-Supported” is the most appropriate style).


Supported means you have a crew that meets you along the way. This can range from one person handing you water once, to an entire team that accompanies you the whole distance giving you everything (except physical assistance — FKTs are self-powered). Whether it’s just once or continuously, any support at all means it’s a Supported trip. Supported can enable the fastest trips due to the ability to carry less weight.  To get a Supported FKT you also have to beat the fastest Self-Supported and Unsupported times.


Self-Supported means you may have as much support as you can manage or find along the way, but not from any pre-arranged people helping you. This can range from caching supplies in advance, purchasing supplies along the way, to finding or begging for food or water. Most long thru-hiking routes are done Self-Supported.  To get a Self-Supported FKT you also have to beat the fastest Unsupported time.


Unsupported means you have no external support of any kind. This means you carry everything you need from start to finish except water from natural sources (public taps along the trail are acceptable, but if you get water from a store, even if free, that’s Self-Supported). This naturally limits the length of an Unsupported trip. If a person is accompanied or paced for any distance, it automatically becomes a Supported trip. Teams, however, can be Unsupported as long as they all travel and finish togetherA mixed gender team can be Unsupported, but an individual traveling as part of such a team cannot claim an Unsupported FKT in their gender (they could claim a Supported – paced – FKT in their gender).