Many On The Genny – Transparency Post

As mentioned previously, we want runners to be able to take a look at the finances of a race and understand where that money comes from, where it goes and what folks can expect moving forward. We do this because as runners we always wondered what went in to a race, then as Race Directors for the past 6 years we have wanted folks to understand a little bit of why we make the decisions we make.

Many On The Genny sold out this year (thank you runners). The price was $90.00 per runner and 5 dollars per person if they wanted the shuttle.

As an aside – we refunded runners $2,250. That should give a sense of what happens when you do have a refund policy. Looking at this, we will likely, sadly need to move to a deferral in place of refund policy because we can not risk giving refunds to an event that has the costs of this one should it not sell out, or should it not have a wait list.

Our record keeping improved significantly as we learned the ropes here so I know I missed a few items. I did not factor in meals on race prep, did not factor in a few gifts we got for people, did not factor in the volunteer thank you party we are throwing on July 6th.

Total income from race: 12,547.45

127 Runner registered  $11,430 in

Shuttle sales 91 passes: $455

TNF Sponsorship: $200.00 plus gear for Eric and Sheila

Shirts sold on Atayne or Zazzle:  $7.45

Expenses random – $1329.60

Many of these items fall under the “start up” and should allow us to keep costs low again next year as we won’t need all of this every year.

Coolers: $200

Water jugs $300

Freezer: $310 to store pre race stuff

Feather Flags finish line: $247.10

Course markings: $187.50

Dinner meetings: $40

radios: $45

aid station utensils: $100



Insurance: $175

Permit fees: $600

Park Police Fee: 736.96

Army Corp Engineer Fee: $300

EMT on site fee: $500

Ambulance on call fee: $500

Trailer rental: $100

Bibs and Pins: $42.16

Thank you gifts: $50.00

Porta pottie: $100

FLTC Donation: $500.00

shuttle rental: $525 (we took a loss as we did not charge enough for shuttle passes/ required a 3rd bus but did not fill it)

Gas for visits to park (10 visits this year to set up event) Using gas this comes out to 11.27 per trip – $112.70 – This does not include driving in the park – this cost is likely much higher, but this is a measurable number.

Park entrance fee – $80 empire pass

 SWAG $2889.97

Atayne Set up Fee for shirt orders: $75

Bottle Caps for finisher medal: $80.55

Finisher medal material: $5.00

Finisher medal wood: Free

Ascend Collective Fee (on course photography): $250

Champions Prizes: $46.86

2/3 Place Prizes: $52.56

bumper stickers: $105

Headsweats Visors: $1800

Gear for Sheila and Eric: $275 (shirts, hats, etc)

Volunteer Party: $200


FOOD total – $1730

Aid Station food costs: $400

Aid Station Equipment: $63.80

Ice: $50

Post Race Costs: $531 pizza

Post Race Snacks n Drinks: $ 300

scaps: $136.00

Beer supplies: $250

Week of costs unaniticpated: $269

Dinner in Mount Morris: $33.00

Charge cords -5

Battery packs for timers – 55

Generator: $175



Total income: 12,547.45

Total Expense: 10,580.39

Total Profit year 1: 1,967.06

If we factor the other items in we come in well under $1,500 for the event

Hours on event site – not including drive times (just race week)

Wednesday 4-9pm: 5 hours

Thursday 4-9pm: 5 hours

Friday – 1pm – 11:59pm: 11 hours

Saturday working time: 3am-10:00pm 19/20 hours?

Value of the event? Priceless. We were able to see Letchworth in every condition over the past few years. We were able to introduce so many runners to so many amazing places in the park they did not know. We were able to support the local economy (food, prizes, etc). We spent all of this time in our favorite park.

This is all about transparency – We have not one single complaint about this process and we are thankful that each of you took the time to share our favorite trails with us! We will see you soon – Meet us in the woods!




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